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* This service is free for our students.


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* This service is free for our students.


1. What is Sinet Placement Assistance?
And how Sinet Provides Placement Assistance?

  1. Sinet Provides quality education
    The first step towards the job is to acquire intense knowledge about it. Sinet provides quality education by qualified and experienced faculties with a predefined syllabus and session plan.

  2. Mini Project Based Short Term Training
    Achieving work experience by doing sample work will ensure the employability of a student. Sinet provides Faculty lead "free training" on the selected topic as a mini-project work. This enables students to do their Internship Project themself.

  3. Self-Project Work under Internship Certification**
    After Project training, students must undergo short-term Project work done by themselves. This will be evaluated and an Internship/experience certificate will be given.

  4. Online Support for Auditing: Resume, Skill, Interview, Presentation***
    Career students will get online support to enhance their employable skills from our experts as per booking priority.

  5. Provides Job Vacancy by Placement Alert to email/ WhatsApp
    The job vacancies collected from placement portals, companies, and local references will be forwarded to students by email or WhatsApp only after finishing the Internship Project documentation.

2. What is the Fee for Sinet Placement Assistance Service?

Sinet NOT collecting any fee or commission for Placement Assistance, it is a 100% FREE Service with Sinet career courses.

3. Why is Sinet Not providing 100% Job Assurance?

Giving placement to a candidate is strictly the decision of the employer organization. Every employer organization has different requirements and strategies to recruit new employees, depending upon their interview performance, qualifications, skill set, etc.
NOBODY CAN give a 100% placement guarantee to a student at the time of admission without understanding his employability and skills. If an Institution gives 100% Job assurance means it's only a marketing strategy, not reality.

4. How many Interviews will get after the Career course completion ?

Sinet not assuring direct interviews but instead, we forward the job vacancies collected from placement portals, companies, local references to students. The student has to apply and proceed to an interview. Sinet will assist with this process as per request.

5. When the Job alert Service will stop?

If the student is found rejecting placement leads, automatically the job lead service will be stopped. It will restart only after the student's request.

** It's a self-driven project program by the student at his premice, Project Lead only inspects it weekly manner. This is mandatory for the Internship.
*** for Career students only (Courses with six Months plus duration ).
Please Note: Project work nature will be different in Software, Networking and Accounts divisions.


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