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Advanced C# .Net programming technologies..



Duration: 60 hours *

Class: Regular / Week ends / Evening / Sundays

Daily Time: 1.5 hours / 3 hours / half day / Full day

Certification: Sinet Merit Certification

* Sinet course can be customized as per student requirement.


C# Application Developer

C# Programmer

Microsoft Windows Programmer

SQL Data Manager


( Can be customized )

1. Introduction in C#.NET

.NET Framework,Common Language Infrastructure, Class Library , Assemblies, The Common Language Runtime (CLR), Intermediate Language (IL), Features, Namespace

2. Basics in C#.NET

Variables, Initialization of variables, Constants, Data Types, CTS Types

3. Console in C#.NET

About visual studio IDE, Solution explorer, toolbox, server explorer, properties, Program class, Console I/O, Reading and Writing in Console, Using Comments, Internal Comments, Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Literals, Punctuators,Operators

4. Console in C#.NET

Type Conversion, Convert class, Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment operators, Increment/Decrement Operator

5. Flow Control (1) in C#.NET

Selection Control Constructs, If, if …else, nested if , if else if

6. Flow Control (2) in C#.NET

Selection Control Constructs, switch case, conditional operators

7. Flow Control (3) in C#.NET

Iteration Flow Control, Loops, While,do while,for, For each

8. Array in C#.NET

Single Dimensional (foreach), Multidimensional, Jagged Array

9. Functions/Methods (1) in C#.NET

Define Function, calling functions, function category, User defined Functions, Predefined Functions, String functions and Array functions

10. Functions/Methods(2) in C#.NET

Return multiple values using ‘out’, Call by value, Call by Reference, Argument Reference using ‘ref’

11. Object Oriented Programing (1) in C#.NET

Classes and Class Members, Data Members, Function Members, Properties, Object

12. Object Oriented Programing (2) in C#.NET

Constructors, Destructors, Default constructor and parameterized constructor

13. OOP Polymorphism in C#.NET

Polymorphism, Method Overloading, Constructor Overloading

14. OOP Inheritance (1) in C#.NET

Types Of Inheritance, Calling Base Class Version of function, Constructors of derived classes, Method Overriding, Use of ‘base’ keyword

15. OOP Inheritance (2) in C#.NET

Interfaces, Defining and implementing interfaces, Implementation Vs Interface Inheritance, Abstract Classes And Functions, Final Class and Function

16. OOP Property in C#.NET

Property, Define property, set and get the value of property, Delegates, Create delegate ,delegate object is used to point the functions

17. Windows Application (1) in C#.NET

Introduction to Windows Application, Windows Forms, Basic Windows Form Controls: Form, TextBox, Button, Label

18. Windows Application (2) in C#.NET

Option Button, Check Box, Combo Box

19. Windows Application (3) in C#.NET

List Box, Checked List box, Tool Tip

20. Windows Application (4) in C#.NET

Tree View, List View, Image List

21. Windows Application (5) in C#.NET

Windows Form Controls, Link Label, Masked Text Box, Date Time Picker, Numeric Up Down, Picture Box

22. Windows Application (6) in C#.NET

Progress Bar, Timer

23. Windows Application (7) in C#.NET

Web Browser, Tool strip container, toolstrip

24. Container controls in C#.NET

Windows Form Container Controls, Panel, Flow Layout Panel, GroupBox, Table Layout Panel, Split Pane

25. multithreading in C#.NET

Introduction to Threading, The Thread Class, Thread States-New, Running,Blocked, Dead, Functions-start(), sleep(), suspend(), Abort()

26. menus and toolbars in C#.NET

Context Menustrip, Menustrip, Statusstrip, Toolstrip, ToolstripContainer

27. Dialogs (1) in C#.NET

Dialogs, Predefined-Messagebox, Custom-Create a custom dialog box, System-Folderbrowser

28. Dialog (2) in C#.NET

Open File Dialog, Save File Dialog, Font Dialog, Color Dialog

29. standard control in C#.NET

Windows Form Controls, Rich Textbox

30. Windows Application in C#.NET

Printing Components, Print Document, Page Setup Dialog, Print Dialog, Print Preview Control, Print Preview Dialog

31. I/O Namespace in C#.NET

Managing File System, Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files, Reading And Writing Files, Create directory and delete directory, list the directory, Stream Operations, Reading and writing

32. Windows controls in C#.NET

Windows Form Components, Error Provider, Help Provider, Windows Form Advanced Controls, DataGridView

33. Networking in C#.NET

System.Net.Sockets Namespace, TCPClient: Client Connection from TCP network servoces, TCPListener : Listens for connection from TCP network clinets

34. SQL server in C#.NET

RDBMS: What is a database .Choosing a database (RDBMS), DB Creation, Table creation, Integrity constraints (primary key, foreign key). SQL commands-Select, Insert, Update, Delete

35. OLEDB in C#.NET

Introduction To ADO.NET, System.Data Namespace, DataTable,DataSet, OLEDB Connectivity, Classes used in System.Data.Oledb; OledbConnection, OledbCommand, OledbDataAdapter, OledbDataReader

36. SQL in C#.NET

Introduction To ADO.NET, SQL Connectivity, Classes used in System.Data,SqlClient; SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlDataAdaper, SqlDataReader, Login Form

37. SQL CRUD (1) in C#.NET

Insert ,Read values from Database

38. SQL CRUD (2) in C#.NET

Update and delete data from database

39. ODBC in C#.NET

ODBC Connectivity, Classes used in System.Data.Odbc; OdbcConnection, OdbcCommand, OdbcDataAdapter, OdbcDataReader, Crystal Report

40. Project in C#.NET

Create application-Registration Form ,Login Form And CRUD operation


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