CISCO CCNA 200-301

Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions


CCNA 200-301 Networking Course Details:

Class: Regular / Week ends / Evening / Sundays

Daily Time: 1.5 hours / 3 hours / half day / Full day

Certification: SINET official Certification with ISO 9001:2015 stamp and Online Referance

Certification: Cisco Company Certification
( Examination Fee extra..)

* Sinet course can be customized as per student requirement.


Network Administrator

Network Support Engineer

Cisco Switching device Manager

Router Programmer

Wide area Network Manager

CCNA Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions Course Contents:

( Can be customized )

Why Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions.

1. Introduction To CCNA & Cisco Technologies

Course Overview, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE

2. Computer Networking

Introduction, Types Of Networks, LAN, WAN, CAN, MAN, PAN

3. Network Topology

Bus Topology ,Ring Topology ,Star Topology, Tree Topology

4. Network Components

NIC, Cables Hub, Switch, Server, Client , Workstation

5. Network Models

Workgroup, Server Client

6. Transmission Medium

Twisted Pair Cable, STP, UTP, Straight Through, Cross Over, Rollover, Crimping

7. IP Addressing

IPv4 Classification, Network & Host Portions, Network ID, Broadcast ID, Subnet mask, Public & Private IP, APIPA

8. Introduction to Subneting

FLSM, FLSM Subneting, VLSM, VLSM Subneting

9. OSI Layer

Overview OSI Model, Seven OSI Layers

10. External Port Of Router

Types of Router, Lan , Wan, Serial, Administrative Ports

11. Internal Components Of Router

About RAM, ROM,NVRAM ,RAM Router Startup Sequence

12.Router Modes

User Mode, Privileged Mode, Global Configuration Mode, Rommon Mode

13. Assigning Passwords

Console, Auxiliary, Telnet Passwords, Enable Password, Enable Secret Password

14. IP Address Configuration

Rules, IP Address Configuration

15. Cisco Router Hierarchy

Access Layer Router, Distribution Layer Router, Core Layer Router

16. Routing Introduction in CCNA

About Routing, Static Routing, Dynamic Routing

17. Static Routing in CCNA

About Static Routing, Static Routing Lab

18. Default Routing in CCNA

Default Routing, Default Routing Lab

19. Dynamic Routing Protocol in CCNA

About Dynamic Routing ,Protocol, Advantages

20. Types Of Dynamic Routing Protocols in CCNA

Distance Vector, Link State, Hybrid

21. Routing Protocol RIP in CCNA

About RIP, RIP Timers, Advantage & Disadvantage, RIPv1 Lab, RIP v2 Lab

22. Routing Protocol EIGRP in CCNA

About EIGRP, EIGRP Tables, EIGRP Metric, EIGRP Configuration

23. Important Concept in CCNA

Administrative Distance, Autonomous System Number, Dual Terminology

24. Routing Protocol OSPF in CCNA

About OSPF, Router ID, OSPF Table, OSPF Seven Stages, OSPF Area Concept

25. Routing Protocol OSPF in CCNA

OSPF Single Area Configuration, OSPF Multi Area Configuration

26. Access Control List in CCNA (1)

About ACL, Types OF ACL

27. Access Control List in CCNA (2)

Standard ACL Lab, Extended ACL Lab, Named ACL, ACL rules

28. NAT in CCNA

About NAT, Types Of NAT, Static NAT Lab, Dynamic NAT Lab, PAT

29. Backup & Restore, Password Reverting in CCNA

Backup-Restore On Cisco Routers, Password Reverting On Cisco Routers

30. Wan Protocols in CCNA

HDLC, PPP, PPP Authentication, CHAP and PAP

31. Wan Connection Types in CCNA

Leased Line, Circuit-Switched, Packet-Switched

32. Wan Technologies in CCNA

Leased Line, Metro Ethernet, VPN , DSL, Frame Relay, MPLS

33. Switching in CCNA (1)

About Switching, Types Of Switches, Switch Models

34. Switching in CCNA (2)

Configuration Of Switch, Basic Configuration

35. VLAN in CCNA (1)

About Vlan, Static Vlan Lab, Dynamic Vlan Lab

36. VLAN in CCNA (2)

Trunking, Trunking Lab, Native VLAN

37. VLAN in CCNA (3)

VLAN MLS, Inter VLAN Routing

38. IPv6 in CCNA

IPv6 Introduction, IPv6 Addressing, IPv6 Address Types

39. STP Protocols in CCNA

How STP works, STP root Bridge Selection, RSTP

40. BPDU in CCNA

BPDU Guard, BPDU filtering

41. Port Fast in CCNA

PortFast Configuration

42. Port Security in CCNA

Port security, Binding MAC address

43. Ethernet Channel in CCNA

Ethernet Channel

44.Frame Relay in CCNA

Frame Relay Configuration

45. Trouble shooting in CCNA (1)

Lan Physical Connectivity, Wan Connectivity

46. Trouble shooting in CCNA (2)

Basic Routing, EIGRP, OSPF


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