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Python Application Developer

Python Programmer

Python ERP

MySQL Data Manager

Python and MySQL

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1. Introduction to python

Python Overview, History of python, Features, Install python, IDE Python Win is the first Windows interface for Python and is an IDE with a GUI. Pycharm IDE, Python Basics, Print, Escape Sequences, Comments

2. Identifiers, Keywords in python

Python Identifiers, Reserved Words, Lines and Indentation

3. Data type in python

Variables, Initialization of variables, Constants, Data Types, Type casting, Operators

4. Operators in python

Operators, Arithmetic operators, Assignment operators, Comparison operators, Logical operators, Identity operators, Membership operators, Bitwise operators

5. Input and Output in python

Input()-read contents, Print()-write contents

6. Flow Control (1) in python

Selection Control flow statement If, if ..else, if… elf

7. Flow Control (2) in python


8.Flow Control (3) in python

Iteration Flow Control, Loops, While, do while, for

9. Flow Control(4) in python

Nested loop, Break and continue statement

10. Numbers in python

int (signed integers), long (long integers ), float (floating point real values) complex (complex numbers), type(),Random Number, Mathematical Functions

11. String in python

Slicing Strings, Accessing Values in Strings, Updating Strings, String special operators, String Formatting Operator (%c, %s, %d,….)

12. Functions (1) in python

Define Function, Function Calling, Variable scope, Pass by copy, Main Functions, Two type functions, User defined Functions, Predefined Functions

13. Functions (2) in python

Trigonometric functions, String Functions

14. Modules in python

What is module The import Statement, The from...import Statement, The from...import, Statement, Namespaces and Scoping, The dir( ) Function, The reload(), Function, Packages in Python

15. Collections in python

Arrays Accessing values in Array, append element, Delete element, Built-in functions, List-Accessing values in List, Updating lists, Delete List element, Basic List operations, Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes, Built-­-in Functions

16. Tuple in python

Tuple, Accessing values in tuple, updateing tuple, delete duplicate elements, Basic tuple operation, Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes, Built-­-in Tuple Functions

17. Set in python

Set Accessing values in set, updateing set, delete duplicate elements, Basic tuple operation, Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes, Built-­-in Tuple Functions

18. Dictioanry in python

Dictionary Accessing Values in Dictionary, Updating Dictionary, Delete Dictionary Elements, Properties of Dictionary, Keys, Built-­-in Dictionary Functions and Methods

19. File in python

Opening and Closing Files, Reading and writing files, Renaming and Deleting Files, Directories in Python, File and Directory Related Methods

20. Exceptions in python

What is Exception, Handling an exception Try, except blocks, Except clause with no exceptions, Except clause with multiple exceptions, Try: finally clause, Argument of an exception, User: defined exceptions

21. Object oriented programing in python

Overview of OOP Terminology, Creating Classes and objects, Accessing attributes, built in class attributes, Destroying objects

22. Inheritance in python

Types Of Inheritance, Overriding methods

23. Polymorphism in python

Method, Overloading, Data hiding

24. GUI Programming (1) in python

Button, Canvas, Arc, Image

25. GUI (2) in python

Line, oval, polygon

26. GUI (3) in python

Label, Entry, Frame

27. GUI (4) in python

Check Box, Radio button, List Box

28. GUI (5) in python

Menu button, Menu, Message

29. GUI (7) in python

Scale, Scrollbar, Text

30. GUI (8) in python

Spinbox, Label frame, Grid method

31. Threading in python

Introduction to Threading, Starting New thread, Threading module, Synchronizing Threads, Multithreaded Priority, Queue

32. Networking in python

What are Sockets, Socket module, Server Socket, client socket, Sending email

33. Database (1) in python

MYSQL What is a database .Choosing a database (RDBMS), GUI (DB Creation, Table creation, Privilege, Import, Export) Foreign key and Integrity constraints. SQL commands- Select ,Insert ,Update ,Delete

34. Database (2) in python

Connect application with database Connecting MySQL database with python. Function for connecting Database pymysql.Connection(), create cursor

35. CRUD operation (1) in python

Insert data and display it

36. CRUD operation (2) in python

delete, update operations

37. Project in python

Simple Application CRUD operation


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