Sinet Student

Heena Mohammed

It's a great experience for me....excellent institution for studying programming languages....Facilities are excellent. All the teachers and staff were excellent, very helpful all the time.Thank you

Vineetha Vinu

It's a very good center.I'm very thankful to the teachers of the center

Syam Kumar AJ

I would say this is one of the best training center i have had to enhance my knowledge in SAP platform. The training session is not at all based on predefined slides or topics that runs into set classes instead the topics are covered in way how a individual with no knowledge of the subject tries to learn new skills. The trainer Ajith who has a very good communication and teaching skills that really cracks and encourage every students to upgrade knowledge in the subject. His approach of covering every aspect of the topic and simulation of real time problem and support issue in SAP system is amazing. He demonstrates very clearly what are the pain points in the topic and how we need to deal in the real life scenario. I would really recommended everyone who really wants to have training on SAP with real time scenario to join Sinet. It is very cost effective as well. You got more than what you invest here in upgrading your skills. Thanks to Sinet

Bhanana P

First of all a big thanks for shahida miss . She maintain a friendly relationship with me. she is very supportive and anytime cleared my doubts. It was really good experience to me

Sweety Varghese

SINET is an excellent institute for learning java programming with experienced faculties and friendly atmosphere.

Murshid K

If you are trying to start a best career in IT then, SINET is the best platform to learn software training. The trainers are very well experienced and they are open to interact with student at any time. They are giving us their full effort to educate us. This is the best place for an aspirant to achieve their dreams. So I strongly recommend others to join SINET to fulfill their career dreams.

Nafsina S

Sinet is a good center for learning programming languages. I'm very thankful to SINET

Risla Rizwin

I am totally satisfied on sinet computer education. They provide Good class environment, friendly faculties, The courses also in affordable price, Usefull lessons to learn, the most useful important thing is that they gave importance to practical sessions, as a computer center we need is practical sessions , i am so happy and satisfied with SINET.

Sukanya S

"Training to professionals" Best institute i would say. 100% highly recommended for accounting courses in Sinet. Staffs are so kind and they mould us to professionals. I work in UAE now & I still clear my doubts with Sinet. With no hesitations they help us anytime. I done CPA course and its worth. Reply8

Shamsheena P K

Positive: Professionalism I'm a plus two bio student. I had no idea how the account was. At first I thought was that i could not learn this before going to the sinet. But the teachers in the sinet gave it to me in the form of no problem. A lot of clearing up and teaching through a good methods. I'm satisfied with 100% the class of sinet institute.

Fathima Rehna

3 months ago Sinet is the best institution. All topics covered in my course were explained well and shown how to implement, highly recommended for beginners and individuals who would like to brush up on their accounting knowledge foundations.

Safar Ali

I am very happy to have chosen SINET EDUCATION.They has the best teachers who are doing really well and putting the efforts to make us understand each and every topic no matter how long we take to learn it...Thank you SINET for your valuable service in building my carrier🤗

Aiswarya PT

One of the Best institution, friendly staffs and teachers. The teachers are very helpful and their teaching style is easy to follow.

Muhammed Faris

The class sessions were too good. I was really able to understand. This course was really helpful

Farhan Ahmad

A great place to enhance your skills and knowledge in the fields of accounting, programming, networking....etc. Sinet have well trained and friendly faculties who can really help you a lot throughout your journey. Iam very happy to be studying here.


The best institution i ever met.iam gladly proud to say about SINET..

Pramod M

Sinet is an best institute for Networking in Perinthalmanna. Firstly I thank to my mentor Mr Nafih sir for trained me in Networking as well. He is not only an teacher but also a good friend for students who studied thire.At this time I would like to mention the Center Head Shameer sir . He is an cool man and also so supportive for students and staffs. Sinet is an best option for develop an good carrier for students who complete plus two, degree. Once again I thank to all the teachers and my friends for support me . and also thanks to Sinet...

Sandra Puthur

The class sessions were too good. I was really able to understand. This course was really helpful.

Satheesh Nambiyar K

Great Institute have various division. Their alumni header more than Five professional colleges as department heads. Keep it up

Mohamed Aflah

Excellent institution for learning networking .It is A simple syllabus that is to learn. Teacher's are friendly. A special thanks to my mentor mr NAFIH SIR for training me in networking well. Is the best teacher i have ever seen and he also a good friend.

Godly Varghese

Nice experience with sinet.The way of the trainers teaches is really excellent.if you dont know anything about networking just attend a class the trainers make it easy for us to lean the subject. Thanks to sinet for providing such a trainers who are dedicated. They've provided excellent training along with labs. When comes to lab they are providing physical labs where we can get hands on experience in working with real- time network devices. Thanks for sinet


One of the beautiful academy with warm and atmosphere. Skilled teachers. best and helpful staff.the No.1 place to achieve your goal❤️

Femina Jasmin

I had a good experience in sinet. I took a long gap after my graduation so i found it easy to learn with sinet. Bindhu mam was so helpful and the training was very clear that we could easily understand. Small projects after each topics helped me alot.

Ajay P

I really had best experience with SINET. This Institute provides best quality of computer education, All faculties are very supporting and focus to individual Student properly. Highly recommended!


First of all I thank all my teachers for giving me a wonderful memories at SINET. Sinet is the best institute for networking in perinthalmanna.I loved the days I spend there and it was unforgettable. A special thanks to my mentor Mr NAFIH SIR for training me in networking well. He is the best teacher I have ever seen and he also a good friend more than a teacher. Sinet is the best institution for developing a good carrier for students for a better future.More than this very very special thanks to SHAMEER SIR the head of sinet he is very active and supportive man.Now iam proud to be a part of sinet. I have a nice experience there.lots of love THANKS TO SINET

Mohammed Shafi

First of all, thank you very much on my part. This is very enjoyable. I was really confused at the beginning of the tally not knowing what to do. I had a lot of thoughts. Can I learn tally through online?. Online class has many limitations, especially doubts. Gradually my thoughts changed. I would like to thank Shahida Teacher for choosing SINET for me. She is a great companion. When I doubted anything, she clarified my doubts with explanation. I know accounting well, but there is no basis for practicality. Now as a SINET student I am very happy. Thanks everyone

Febna Abdullah

enquired about many institutions to do tally.Then I came to know about Sinet institution through one of my friend.So I took admission there and completed the course.In my experience Sinet is a best institution for networking.Iam really satisfied in their teaching and services. Iam really thankfull to shahida miss,who teach me my course in a short period and in a way that can be quickly understood.I highly recomment this institution for those who have intersted in networking


This course was short but very informative and very helpful,Really liked it !!

Fathima Hameed

Sinet is the best institute for accounting courses. The faculties are very experienced and supportive.

Jahra K

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value An excellent centre for IT education with qualified experienced teachers and excellent facilities. SINET provides good quality education in various sectors like accounting, networking, programming etc. They start from basics which gives you clearer idea about the field you choose eventhough you don't have a background in it. I completed my course with utmost satisfaction.

Suhail Parakkal

Good atmosphere to study and well trained teachers. Im studied in networking there have lote of equipments to study like multilayer switches and routers . Especially my mentor mr. shareef sir. He gave me good knowledge to my career. Thanks a lot 😊

Vivek P

Had a wonderful experience with SINET computer training academy. Very well trained and professional Faculties especially ‘Bindu’s the best institute in the Area for learning IT and related computer education Im thankful for the management and MD Shameer sir for giving a great platform and with a best training experience.I recommend this institute for the upcoming persons/students who wants to colourise your career in IT “

Prasanth Ozago

Its really a wonderful experience with sinet. Teachers are dedicated and friendly too, I'm thankful to our teacher for the support and guidance. It was nice.

Greeshma S Nair

SINET is one of the best educational institution in the town. Well dedicated staffs and teachers. Special mention for Sir.Hussain. he is a wonderful teacher. Will definitely recommend.

Sanjid Thonikkara

Sinet is very good institution.The teachers are very supportive and anytime they cleared my doubts. It was really a good experience to me. Nice class and good class

Sajna Sajutty

Sinet is the one of the best institute in perinthalmanna. First I thank my teacher Mrs. Bindu mam for giving a successful memories at sinet. Excellent classes especially online.

Fazalu Rahman

Sinet is a best Institution for accounting courses and also having great faculties. I specially thanks to my sir Mr.Hussain for teach me accounting easily.The classes are enjoyable.Thanks to sinet.Highly recommended!!!

Munas Otteth

sinet institution is a very good institution. It is very easy to complete any course. The approach of teachers with very good dates helps the students to take different courses in a short period of time.

Jasna Minu

Teaches well. Good lab facilities

Annie Philip

Iam also a student of sinet. I got a good experience here. An excellent centre for IT education with qualified experienced teachers and excellent facilities. SINET provides good quality education in various sectors like accounting, networking, programming etc.

Hari Prasad

Perfect place to gain knowledge on networking both practically and theoretically... Faculty is friendly always ready to hear from aspirants to clear their doubts... best thing is feasibility of batches and timings. NB :Best training firm with best teachers..great support


The class provided by sinet is awesome the teachers and non teaching staffs consider each every student and their requirements. The training programme provided by them fulfills many companies' demand


Fist Of All, A Big Thanks For The Shahida Theacher. I Thought It Would Not Be Well Understood As It Is An Online Class, But Shahida Teacher Taught Us Well And Cleared The Doubts. There For, Especially Thanks For The Shahida Teacher And SINET Center

Salman C

As an ACCA aspirant it was so best to boost up my knowledge and experience in Sinet. Where Sinet helps to build up my experience on accounts. Also best tutoring on SAP B1.

Rohith A

Sinet is a better option if u want to study the computer courses.... Thanks to my mentor Bindu.M for the support.

Sunitha K

Good experience.. Best teachers🙂

Arun Meluveettil

*Excellent class *Fully satisfied with their teaching *Friendly teachers *Good lab * will suggest SINET for a better carrier

Madheeha Ali

Thank you so much for your very valuable training. It was extremely helpful to understand the basics and appreciated that you made it more confident. I have learnt soo much over the duration of this course. The teachers are great, very supportive and helpful. I feel much better prepared to deal uncomfortable issues.


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