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Master the latest web Technology Microsoft ASP.Net with SQL Server


Microsoft ASP.Net web development training Program

Course Duration:

Class room training: 50 hours
Online training:         25 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 20,000

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  Web Application Developer
  ASP Developer
  ASP Programmer
  Responsive Web Designer
  SQL Server Database Manager

ASP.Net Syllabus:

1. Microsoft Dot Net Introducation

Dot Net Framework, MSIL , CLR , Managed Modules, Assembly Linker , Assembly Multithreading , Exception Handling , Windows Forms , Web Forms

2. Visual Studio IDE Basics in ASP.Net

Properties Window, Tool Box, Solution Explorer, Dynamic Help Window, Output Window, Task List Window, Code Window, Designer, Window, Class View

3. MVC Basics 1

Built-in objects, Write() function, Variables, Initialization of variables, Constants, Data Types, CTS Types, Operators, Sample application

4. MVC Basics 2

How to add css, script in our application, How to redirect next page, How to add new style and apply it

5. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (1)

Label, Textbox, Button, Sample application using these controls, Autopostback property of controls

6. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (2)

Selection Flow Control, If, if ..else, if else if, Largest of two numbers, Largest of 3 numbers, etc.

7. Selection Flow Statements in ASP.Net (1)

Selection Flow Control, Using Checkbox and radio button

8. Selection Flow Statements in ASP.Net (2)

Selection Flow Control, switch case, conditional operators, RadioButtonlist using switch case

9. Selection Flow Statements in ASP.Net (3)

Iteration Flow Control, While, do…while, for , for each, Nested Loop, Program for find the factorial, sum of digits, palindrome, amstrong,….

10. Array in ASP.Net

Single Dimensional Array, Multi-Dimensional Array, Jagged Array

11. Functions/Methods in ASP.Net

Predefined Functions, User defined Functions, Call by value, Call by Reference, Return multiple value using ‘out’ Keyword

12. functions in ASP.Net

Built in functions , Array functions, String functions

13. Object Oriented Programing in ASP.Net (1)

OOP Class Members, Data Members, Function Members, Object, Constructors, Destructors, Sample programs

14. Object Oriented Programing in ASP.Net (2)

Polymorphism& Inheritance, Types Of Inheritance, Implementation Inheritance, Overriding Methods, Calling Base Class Version of function, Implementation Vs Interface Inheritance, Sample programs

15. Object Oriented Programing in ASP.Net (3)

Abstract Classes And Functions, Final Class and functions, Properties, Sample programs

16. Lab in ASP.Net


17. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (1)

Radio Button,RadioButtonlIst, Checkbox, CheckboxList

18. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (2)

List Box , Combo Box, Link Button, Hyper Link

19. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (3)

Image ,Image Button , Image Map, Table, Hidden Field, Literal

20. Standard server controls in ASP.Net (4)

Ad Rotator, File Upload , Multi View, Substitution

21. Navigation control in ASP.Net

Site Map, Menu, Tree View

22. Login controls in ASP.Net

Login, Login View, Password Recovery, Change Password, Login status

23. validation Controls

Require Field Validator, Range validator, Regular Expression Validator, Compare Validator, Custom validator

24. Master Page in ASP.Net

Design a site using master page, css, jquery

25. xml control

Create XML and XSL file, Document Source and transform sourse

26. Data controls in ASP.Net (1)

Data Source control, SQLDataSource, XMLDataSource, DataBoundControls, DataList, GridView

27. Data controls in ASP.Net (2)

ListView, FormView, DetailView

28. Data controls in ASP.Net (3)

CRUD using SQLDatasourse and Grid View

29. EMail in ASP.Net

Send email through web application, SMTPClient class

30. ADO.NET and ASP.Net (1)

Introduction To ADO.NET, OLEDB Connectivity

31. and ASP.Net (2)

SQL Server Connectivity, CRUD

32. ADO.NET and ASP.Net (3)

Insert Image to database

33. ADO.NET and ASP.Net (4)

ODBC Connectivity( ACCESS,SQL), Programs

34. How to publish a ASP.Net web site

publish site

35. Develop your web application Project in ASP.Net

Simple web application , Registration, Login, CRUD operations

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.