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C Programming

Learn C Programming with Data Structures.


C Programming with Data Structures.

Course Duration:

Class room training: 30 hours
Online training:         20 hours

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Course Fee: ₹ 5,000

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C Programming Syllabus:

1. Introduction to C

Introduction Program, Low level &High Level, Compiler, Interpreter, Invention. Features of C Language ‘C’ Program Structure.Component of a program: Preprocessor directive, The main() function, Standard Library Routines, New Line Character, Adding comments. Program compilation and execution

2. Tokens in C

Tokens: Keyword, Identifiers, Literals, Punctuator, Operators

3. Primary Data type in C

Data types ,Variables and Constants, Primary datatype-int, char, float, double, Type modifiers- short, long, signed, unsigned. Variables: Declaring a variable. Constants: Integer, Floating point, Character, String Constants

4. Input output functions in C (1)

Standard Output Function (stdio.h), Printf()- print any combination, puchar()-write a single character, Input function, getchar()-read a single character, Escape Sequences, Console Input/Output function(conio.h), Clrscr(), getch(), getche()-read a single character

5. Input output functions in C (2)

Standard Input function Scanf()

6. Operators in C

Operators: Arithmetic, Assignment, Relational, Increment and Decrement, Logical,. Type Conversions

7. Control Flow Structure in C (1)

Decision making, Selective Control Structure:The If Statement, The If….else Statement, The If….else if Statement, Nested if

8. Control Flow Structure in C (2)

Selective Control Structure: Ternary Operator, The Switch Case Statement

9. Control Flow Structure in C (3)

Iterative Control Structures: While, Do … While

10. Control Flow Structure in C (4)

Iterative Control Structures : For, Nested Loop

11. Control Flow Structure in C (5)

The Break Statement, The Continue Statement, The goto statement

12. Array in C (1)

Introduction, Single Dimension Array, Memory allocation, Array Declaration, Array Initialization, Read array elements

13. Array in C (2)

Multidimensional Array, Array Declaration, Array Initialization, Read array elements

14. String in C

String Declaration, Initializing a String, Reading a string using scanf(),gets(), Write string using print(),puts(), Find length of string, copy string, combinestring,..

15. String Functions in C

String Functions( String.h), Length, Reverse, uppercase, lowercase, Concatenation, Comparison, Copying

16. Pointers in C (1)

Introduction, Pointer Declaration, Initialization of Pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Pointer comparison

17. Pointers in C (2)

String and Pointer, Pointers to Arrays, Array of Pointer

18. Pointers in C (3)

Passing pointers to functions, Return pointer from functions

19. Functions in C (1)

What is function, Two type functions: Built-in functions, User Defined functions. User Defined Functions: Prototyping(Declaration), Function Definition, Arguments, Passing values to function, Return value, Return value based on conditions

20. Functions in C (2)

Function Categories: Function with no arguments and no return value, Function with arguments but no return value, Function with no arguments but return value, Function with arguments and return value

21. Functions in C (3)

Recursive Function, Argument passing: Call by value, Call by Reference,. Function with Arrays in c

22. Storage classes

Storage Classes: Automatic or Internal variables, Global or external variables, Static variables

23. Structure in C (1)

Introduction, Structure Declaration, Structure initialization, Object Creation, Nested Structure, Array of Structure

24. Structure in C (2)

Pointer to Structure, Structure and Functions, User-Defined Data Types, Difference between Union

25.Typedef in C

‘typedef’ keyword, give a type a new name

26. File handling in C (1)

What is a File, Opening a File, Mode of operation, Character I/O from files(fgetc(),fputc()), NULL,feof(),EOF .., Closing a File

27. File handling in C (2)

Line I/O with Files(fgets(),fputs()), Formatted I/O with Files(fprintf(),fscanf()), Random access using fseek(), ftell(),rewind(), File I/O using Structure(fread(),fwrite()

28. Macro Definition in C

Macro Definition(#define), Template, Expansion

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.