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Master the best of open-source UI framework for creating native mobile applications with mini-project at Sinet.


Flutter Application Development with Dart scripts.

Course Duration:

Class room training: 80 hours
Online training:         40 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 35,000

Sinet Education Course Offers

  FREE Dart Language Fundamentals

  FREE SQLite DB Course.

  FREE Flutter Mini Project.

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  Flutter App Developer
  Mobile Programmer
  Cross Platform App Developer

Sinet's Google Flutter Course Syllabus:

1 Introduction

What is Flutter, Features, Advantage, History, Installation, First application, Flutter Architecture

2 Widgets in Flutter

Different type of widgets

3 Layouts in Flutter

Singlechild widgets, Multiple Child widgets

4 Gestures in Flutter

Pointers, Gestures, Gesture Detector, Multiple Gesture Example

5 State Management in Flutter

Ephemeral State, App state

7 Widgets in Flutter (1)

Scaffold, Container, Row & column

8 Widgets in Flutter (2)

Text, TextField, RichText

9 Widgets in Flutter (3)

Flat Button, Raised Button, Floating action Button, DropDown Button, Icon Button, Inkwell Button, PopupMenu Button, Outline Button, ButtonBar

10 Widgets in Flutter (4)

Stack, Points related to stack, Indexed stack

11 Widgets in Flutter (5)

Forms, Form Validation, AlertDialog, TextField AlertDialog, Confirmation AlertDialog, Select Option AlertDialog

12 Widgets in Flutter (6)


13 Widgets in Flutter (7)

Card, Tabbar, Drawer

14 Widgets in Flutter (8)

Lists, GridView, Toast, Checkbox

15 Widgets in Flutter (9)

Progressbar, Snackbar, Tooltip

16 Widgets in Flutter (10)

Slider, Switch, Charts, Navigationbar, Themes

17 Widgets in Flutter (11)

Table, Calendar

18 Animation in Flutter

Physics-based Animation, Animation controller, Curved Animation, Hero Animation

19 Flutter Routing

Navigation & routing

20 Advanced Concepts in Flutter

Packages, Splash Screen, Google maps

21 Silvers in Flutter

SilverFixedExtentList, SliverToBoxAdapter

22 Database Concepts in Flutter

Database, sql queries

23 Create Database Application in Flutter (1)

Create application-Registration Form, Login Form

24 Create Database Application in Flutter (2)

CRUD operation-insert , read, update and delete values from database

25 Mini Data Base Project

Simple Application for user Login and CRUD Operation

Sinet's Dart Programming Course Contents:

1. Introduction to Google Dart Programming

What is Dart, History, Why Dart, Features, Installation, First program, Dart basic syntax, Comments in Dart, Keyword

2. Data Types and Operators in Dart Language

Data type, Number, String, Boolean, List, Map, Variable, Operators, Constants

3. Number and String in Dart Language

Number, Parse() function, Number properties, Number methods, String, Concatenation, Interpolation, Properties, Methods, Boolean

4. List and Sets in Dart Language

List, Types of list, Properties, Inserting element using function, Updating list, Remove list element using function, Iterating list, Sets, Initialize list, Add element, Find element, Remove element, Iterating set, Typecast to list, Operations, Properties.

5. Map and Symbol in Dart

Map, Declaration, Map literals, Constructor, Properties, Methods, Symbol, Create a library, Convert to string

6. Runes and Enumerations in Dart Language

Runes, String.codeUnitAt(), String.codeUnits property, String.runes property, Enumeration, Initialization

7. Selection and Control Flow Statements in Dart (1)

Control flow Statements, Decision making statements, Loop statements, Jump statements,Selection /decision making statements, If statement, If else statement, If else if statement

8. Selection and Control flow statements in Dart (2)

Concept and implementations of Switch case, Conditional operators

9. Loops in Dart

Concept and implementations of Loops, For loop, For loop, While loop, Do…while loop

10. Nested Loop in Dart Language

Concept and implementations of Nested Loop, Infinite while loop, Logical operator while loop

11. Understanding Functions in Dart Language (1)

What is a function, Advantage, Defining functions, Passing arguments to function, Return a value from function, Function categories

12. Understanding Functions in Dart Language (2)

Anonymous function, Lexical scope, Lexical closure, Main() function, Recursion

13. Object Oriented Programming Concepts int Dart

OOP, Characteristics, Define a class, Creating class object, Accessing instance variable, Benefits of object

14. Constructor implementation in Dart

Creating constructor, Type of constructors, Default and parameterised constructor, Named constructors

15. Usage of 'This' keyword, 'Static' keyword and 'Super' keyword in Dart Programming

this keyword, Local variable, class variable, instance variable , static keyword, Declaring and accessing variable, static method, super keyword, Usage, Super keyword with variable, class and constructor

16. Inheritance in Dart

Type of inheritance, Single Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance

17. Super constructor and methods in Dart

Super constructor, Methods, Instance methods,class methods

18. Polymorphism in Dart

Methods overriding, Example, using super, advantage, rule of overriding

19. Getter and Setter, Abstract class and interfaces in Dart

Defining setter, defining getter, rules of abstract class, declaring abstract class, usage of abstract class, declaring interface, implement interface, implement multiple inheritance, Rules of implementing interface

20. Exception Handling and 'typedef' in Dart

Concept and implementations of Exception, try, catch, finally blocks, Declaring typedef, declare typedefe variable, calling function with typedef.

21. Meta data and Collections in Dart

Metadata, Creating meta data annotation, Iterating collections, Generics, Generics Map

22. Dart Language Libraries and Generators

Importing a library, Encapsulation in library, custom library, name alias of library, Synchronous generator, asynchronous generator, yield keyword, async keyword, data callable classes

23. Dart Data isolates

Create and start an isolate, stop an isolate, data async, difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous, await keyword, Concurrency

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.