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Responsive Web Designing

Master Mobile First Responsive Web Design course.


Responsive Web Design course using Html, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap with Microsoft VCode.

Course Duration:

Class room training: 60 hours
Online training:         30 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 8,000

Sinet Education Course Offers

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  FREE Web Site Project

  ₹ 500 CASH BACK
      for One time payment.

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  Sinet Certification
      ISO 9001 2015 logo embossed
      with Online reference.

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  Web Designer
  Responsive Web Designer
  Web Content Manager

Html Syllabus:

1. Html Introduction and Basic tags

Html Introduction, NETWORK, BROWSER, HTTP, WWW, CLIENT/SERVER, Html SIMPLE TAGS : Html, head, title, body, b, I, u, heading, strong, em, hr, sup, sub

2. basic tags in Html

Pre,   < > " & Font, center, p, blockquote

3. Tags in Html

Marquee, Image, Orderelist, Unorderedlist, Tags

4. Hyperlinks in Html

Links: Interdocument linking, Intradocument linking, Object linking

5. Table and Division tags in Html

Table, Div

6. Table in Html

Create a table

CSS Syllabus:

7.CSS (1) in CSS

CSS(CasecadingStyleSheet),CSS selectors, Id selector, class selector, Grouping Selectors, Css comments, three ways of inserting a style sheet: External style sheet, Internal style sheet, Inline style

8. CSS (2) in CSS

Inline style Design a page apply inline style

9. CSS (3) in CSS

internal style Design a page apply internal style

10. CSS (4) in CSS

External Style Design a webpage and apply external style

11. CSS (5) in CSS

Design page and apply style

12. form tags(1) in CSS

Form Textbox, button, combobox, listbox, filefield, Checkbox, radiobitton, checkbox, button.

13. form tags (2) in CSS

Design a form apply style

14. video,audio,Iframe in CSS

Video, Audio, Iframe

14. design webpage in CSS

Design web page and apply required style

15. design page in CSS

Design page using template

Bootstrap Syllabus:

16. Bootstrap Introducation

Mobile First Responsive Web Designing

17.Grid System in Bootstrap

Grid System Structure Equal columns, Unequal columns, Typography Classes

18. table in Bootstrap

Striped Rows, Bordered table, Hover rows, Condensed table, Responsive table, Contextual classes

19. Image in Bootstrap

Rounded corners, Circle, Thumbnail, Responsive image

20. Alerts in Bootstrap

Alerts are created with the .alert class, Success, info, warning, danger

21. Button in Bootstrap

Success button, Danger button, Info button, Outline style, Block level button, Active/Disabled button, Button group, Button Groups and Dropdown Menus

22. Badges, spinners in Bootstrap


23. Progress bar in Bootstrap

Colored Progress bar, Striped progress bar, Animated progress bar, Stacked progress bar

24. Pagination, pager, List group

Pagination, Pagination sizing Pager

25. List group in Bootstrap

List group with badges, List Group With Linked Items: List active ,Disabled, contextual class

26. card (1) in Bootstrap

Simple card layout, Header and footer

27. card (2) in Bootstrap

Card deck, Card-group

28. dropdown

Dropdown, Divider, header, drop up

29. Collapse in Bootstrap

Collapse, Collapsible List Group

30.Tabs in Bootstrap

Tabs and Pills

31. Navigation in Bootstrap

Navigation bar, Navigation Bar With Dropdown, Sticky Navigation

32.Form layout in Bootstrap

Form layout, Validation

33. media in Bootstrap

Media Object, Carousel Plugin, Modal Dialog box, Tooltip Plugin, Popover Plugin

34. design webpage

design webpage in Bootstrap

35. design webpage in Bootstrap

design webpage

jQuery Syllabus:

36. Introduction in jQuery

What is jQuery, Why jQuery, Adding jQuery to webpage, jQuery downloading, jQuery CDN, jQuery Syntax, The Document Ready Event, comment

selectorsin jQuery

Element/tag selector, Id selector, Class selector

37. Effects (1) in jQuery

Hide() element, id and class selector, Show()element, id and class selector

38. Effects (2) in jQuery

Toggle() element, id and class selctor

39. Effects (3) in jQuery

Fading: fadeIn(),fadeout(), fadeToggle(), fadeTo()

40. Effects(4) in jQuery

Sliding slideDown(),slideUp(), slideToggle()

41. CSS in jQuery

Apply css using css(), Apply style using addClass(), Remove style using removeClass(), Animate using animate()

42. text in jQuery

Add text to paragraph using Append(), prepend(), after(), before()

43. Html in jQuery

Html() is used to know the Html Set and get the value of textbox using val()

44. alert, dialog in jQuery

Alert() is used to show message Dialog() used to show dialog

45. datepicker in jQuery

Pick date from textbox using datepicker()

46. menu in jQuery

Create menu using jQuery

47. slide in jQuery

Create slide using jQuery

48. Design page in jQuery

Design page

49. Design page in jQuery

Design page

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.