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Java Prgramming

Master Java SE the best programming technology in the world.


Java Core programming with MySQL

Course Duration:

Class room training: 60 hours
Online training:         30 hours

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Course Fee: ₹ 15,000

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Oracle Java SE Syllabus:

1. Evolution of Java

Evolution of Java programming, Java Virtual Machine, JVM Specification, Class loader.

2. Introduction to Java

Features of Java, Sample program, Output functions, Escape sequences, Compile & execution of Java program

3. Java Tokens

Tokens- Keyword, Identifiers, Literals, punctuators, operators. Variable, Data types, Wrapper classes-Integer, Double, Char, String, Boolean . type casting, Constants

4. Operators in Java

Different type of Operators-Arithmetic operators, Relational operators, Assignment operators, Logical operators, Unary operators. Read value using Scanner() in util package.

5. Construct in Java

Decision Making-if, if ….else, else of ladder, nested if

6. Programming Construct in Java

switch…, conditional operators.

7. Loops in Java (1)

Iterative statements-while loop, do…while loop, for loop,

8. Loops in Java (2)

Nested loop, break and continue statement.

9. Arrays in Java

Declare / Initialize Array elements, two type arrays-single dimensional and multidimensional arrays. Reading and writing array elements.

10. Functions in Java

Define Functions, Function calling, different type functions, function categories, string functions, String Buffer functions.

11. Object Oriented Programming in Java (1)

What is OOP. class, Object, Encapsulation, Access Specifies. Constructors and Finalizer. Inner classes

12. Object Oriented Programming in Java (2)

Polymorphism-method overloading, constructor overloading, Inheritance-different type of inheritance, overriding, Abstraction.

13. Object Oriented Programming in Java (3)

Abstract keyword- abstract class and abstract method, Final keyword –final class, final variable, final method.

14. Java Exception Handling

Exception handling, default exception handling, try…catch…finally keyword, usage of throws.

15. Java Packages

What is package? Create package and sub package. Import package and sub package.

16. Files and Streams in Java

File class and methods. Methods of InputStream , Methods of OutputStream. Methods of Reader, Methods of Writer.

17. I/O Streams in Java

File Streams, ByteArrayStream, FilterStream, BufferedInputStream, BufferedOutputStream, DataInputStream, DataInputStream, PushBackInputStream, PrintStream

18. I/O Streams

Reader Class-FileReader, CharArrayReader, StringReader, InputStreamReader, FilterReader, BufferedReader. Writer Class-FileWriter, CharArrayWriter, PrintWriter, FileWriter, BufferedWriter, StreamTokenizer.

19. Java Applets

Applet class, methods-init(), start(), paint(), repaint() and destroy(), Font class. Color class.Graphics class – drawstring(), drawChars(), drawBytes()

20. Implementing Java Applets

Graphics class -drawLine(), drawRect(), drawRoundRect(), drawOval().

21. Java Event Handling

Event handling, Types of event handler, Linsteners. Mouse events, Key board events, Focus Event etc.

22. Java AWT Package (1)

GUI components: Button, TextField, Label

23. Java AWT Package (2)

GUI components: Check Box, CheckboxGroup, TeaxtArea

24. Java AWT Package (3)

GUI components : Choice, List

25. Java AWT Package (4)

password field, Layout Managers-FlowLayout, GridLayout,etc.. Frame, WindowListener

26. Java AWT Package (5)

Frames and menus, Dialogs.

27. Java AWT Package (6)

FileDialog-open and save file

28. Java Swing Package (1)

Introduction to J F C-J component and Properties. JButton, JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JTextField, JLabel /

29. Java Swing Package (2)

J component & Properties -JCheckBox and JList.

30. Swing containers in Java

Jpanel, JTabbedPane, JToolBar, JSplitPane

31. Java Swing containers (1)

JInternalFrame , JDesktopPane, JLayeredPane. JFrame, JWindow.

32. Java Swing containers (2)

JFrame and Menu creation user JFC

33. Java Swing Dialogs (1)

JOptionPane class-JMessagePane , ConfirmPane ,JinputPane

34. Java Swing Dialogs (2)

JFileChooser ,JColorChooser , JDialog.

35. Multithreading in Java

Fundamentals of Threads more on Thread, Threads and Thread Groups

36. Why Interface in Java

Interface Define interface and implement to classes

37. Networking in Java (1)

Introduction to Networks protocols, Inetaddress, Datagram

38. Networking in Java (2)

Network Socket, Server socket class used to send and receive data

39. Lang Package in Java

Interfaces of Java. Lang, Classes of Java .lang, Java. Math.

40. Jave Util Package (1)

Collections-About collection, Collection Interfaces-set,List, Sorted Set, Map and Sorted Map, methods, algorithms

41. Jave Util Package (2)

Collection class-Array List, Linked List,Hash set, Tree set, Hash Map, Tree Map

42. Classes in the Java Util Package (1)

Dictionary, Hashtable, Properties, Vector, Stack

43. Classes in the Java Util Package (2)

Enumeration interface, String Tokenizer, BitSet, Date, Calendar, Gregoraincalendar, Timezone, Random

44. Database Application in Java

What is database, Query

45. SQLand Java JDBC (1)

Introduction to JDBC , Java and JDBC, JDBC Driver Module, Java. Sql package Class:Connection, Statement, ResultSet, Connect application to database .create User registration and Login form

46. SQL and Java JDBC (2)

CRUD operation-insert , read, values from database

47. SQL and Java JDBC (3)

CRUD operation- update and delete values from database

48. MYSQL and Java

JDBC Driver Module, Java. Sql package, Class: Connection, Statement, Result Set Connect application to database .create User registration and Login form

49. MYSQL and JDBC (1)

CRUD operation: insert , read, values from database

50. MYSQL and JDBC (2)

CRUD operation: update and delete values from database

51. Develop your Window Project in Java

Application for user Login and CRUD operation

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.