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MCP 70-741

Networking with Microsoft Windows Server 2016.


MCP 70-741: Networking with Microsoft Windows Server 2016
( Mapped to Microsoft Certified Professional )

Course Duration:

Class room training: 30 hours
Online training:         15 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 4500
Microsoft Certification: ₹ 6500 *

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  Microsoft USA
      Certification *

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  Sinet Official Certification
      with ISO 9001 2015 stamp
      and Online reference facility.

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  Windows Server Manager
  Technical Support Assistant
  Microsoft Network Professional

MCP 70-741 Syllabus

( Can be customized )

1. Planning and implementing an IPv4 network PART 1

Planning IPv4 addressing, Configuring an IPv4 host

2. Planning and implementing an IPv4 network PART 2

Managing and troubleshooting IPv4 network connectivity

3. Implementing DHCP PART 1

Overview of the DHCP server role, create and configure scopes DHCP

4. Implementing DHCP PART 2

DHCP Reservation, back up and restore the DHCP database, configure DHCP name protection, create and configure superscopes

5. Implementing DHCP PART 3

configure high availability using DHCP failover

6. Implementing DNS PART 1

DNS overview, Implementing DNS servers, Configuring zones in DNS

7. Implementing DNS PART 2

Configuring DNS integration with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), DNS Secondary Zone, Stub Zone

8. Implementing and managing IPAM

Overview of IPAM, Deploying IPAM, Provisioning the IPAM Serve, Managing IP address spaces by using IPAM

9. Implementing VPNs

Planning VPNs, Implementing VPNs, Validating the VPN deployment

10. Implementing networking for branch offices PART 1

Networking features and considerations for branch offices, Implementing BranchCache for branch offices, Validating the deployment

11. Implementing networking for branch offices PART 2

Implementing Distributed File System (DFS) for branch offices

12. File server Resource manager

Overview FSRM, Create quota and File Screening

13. Windows Deployment Services

Overview WDS, Configure Windows Deployment Services

14. Configuring advanced networking features PART 1

Overview of high performance networking features

15. Configuring advanced networking features PART 2

Configuring advanced Microsoft Hyper-V networking features

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.