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MERN stack developers are in high demand because they have expertise in both the front-end and back-end, as well as databases and other relevant tools.

MERN is a pre-built technology stack based on JavaScript technologies.

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, after the four key technologies that make up the stack.

At Sinet you can learn, practice, and participate in live MERN Stack projects with our experienced professors and senior MERN Stack developers.

Through the MERN Stack course and training from Sinet, you will get intense hands-on job experience in various modules and tools of the MERN Stack.

Welcome and let’s together build great applications using our MERN Stack course in Malappuram at Sinet Education Perinthalmanna.


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Sinet Institute Perinthalmanna

SINET MERN Stack Institute in Perintalmanna has more than 1600 Google Five-Star reviews!

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The Leading MERN Stack Job Roles after Sinet Course from Perinthalmanna

MERN STACK Developer

A MERN stack developer is a hot job and is responsible for the entire software development lifecycle of web applications using the MERN technology stack.

MongoDB developer or database administrator

MongoDB developers build scalable, performant, and secure solutions with their knowledge of effective NoSQL database design and modeling.

Express JS Developer

The role of the Express JS developers is to build APIs, web, mobile and cross-platform applications quickly. He can simplify the intricate process of building interactive user interfaces.

React JS Developer

React developer uses their programming skills to create JavaScript-based applications for web or mobile environments.

Node JS Developer

Node. js developer is a specialist whose range of activities includes the creation of internal components for various types of IT products.

Sinet Institute Advantages


(20 Reasons to join MERN Stack course in Perintalmanna Sinet Institute)

  • Students will get support from Software Company Sinet Logics
  • Software Division Trained more than 5000+ Software Students .
  • Internship Facility available for selected students
  • Software Project Guidance from experienced Developers.
  • Face to Face Online and Offline Classes Available for MERN Stack Course.
  • Sinet is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified educational organization
  • Sinet Academic Team has 22+ years of experience in Education and Training
  • Sinet is one of the Top Ranked educational brand in India by leading public review companies like Google
  • Sinet is the only WATO Guarantee Offered Institute (Warranty against Technology Obsolescence)
  • Sinet MERN Stack courses are highly affordable and gives value for money
  • 24 hour broadband connection and Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • Sinet has collaborative association with global education leaders
  • Regional tie-ups with Government agencies for education and training
  • Sinet is one of the certification facilitator of global certification leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, Redhat, Cisco, SAP etc..
  • Sinet Conducts Free Job Placement and Skill enhancement Training.
  • Sinet provides IEEE project solution and assistance for Engineering students
  • Sinet gives educational loans at 0% interest
  • Sinet runs Earn While Learn support program for financially poor students.
  • Sinet maintains academically and professionally qualified and experienced MERN Stack faculties
  • Internships available for MERN Stack Career students with Expert Support

Mongo DB Course Syllabus

01. MongoDB introduction

Introduction, History, Purpose, Document oriented database, Features, NoSQL database, Advantages of NoSQL, MongoDB Advantages, Datatypes

02. MongoDB Collection

String, Multiline Strings, indexing, Slicing Strings, start index and the end index, Slice from the start, Slice to the end, Negative indexing, Modify Strings: upper(), lower(), Remove Whitespace: strip(), Replace Method: replace(), Split String: split() method,Installation,create collection ,Add data to collection,mongosh,switch database,insert a document

03. MongoDB CRUD operations

insert multiple documents,select all documents update a single document,update many documents,Delete a document,Delete all documents.

04. MongoDB Query and Project Operators

MongoDB Comparison Operators ​($eq,$gt,$gte,$lt,$lte,$ne,$in,$nin),Logical operator s($and,$or,$not,$nor).

05. MongoDB Query -1-

return all but the excluded fileds, return specific field in Embedded Documents​,Suppress Specific Fields in Embedded Documents​,Projection on Embedded Documents in an Array​,Project Specific Array Elements in the Returned Array

06. MongoDB Query -2-

Query for Null or Missing Fields​,Type Check​,Existence Check,Iterate a Cursor in mongosh, Match an Embedded/Nested Document, Specify AND Condition​,Match an Array, Specify Multiple Conditions for Array Elements, Query for an Array Element that Meets Multiple Criteria, Query for an Element by the Array Index Position, Query an Array by Array Length​

07. MongoDB Evaluation Operator

Evaluation Operator($expr,$mod,$regex,$text,$where).

08. MongoDb Aggregation

$group using count(),Retrieve Distinct values,Group by Item Having,Calculate Count, Sum, and Average,Group by null,Pivot data

09. Create and Query a view

Create a view , view Restrictions , Use a View to Join Two Collections​,To find the total amount sold of each product, query the view,Create a View with Default Collation​ Create view, modify, remove a view, drop and recreate view, Use the collMod Command

10. MongoDB Solutions

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.

Express.js Course Syllabus

1. Express Introduction

What is Express.js, Core features of Express.js framework, Why use Express, Application of Express, Installation, First Express program, Express GET Request, Express POST Request

2. Express Router in NodeJS with Express & Express Routing

express.Router(), Installing module, Examples, Routing path for Express, Without using Router, Using the router, Router method(), router.all(), router.METHOD(), router.param(), router.route(), router.use()

3. Express Middleware

Middleware, Middleware syntax, Using Middleware install two dependecies, Type of middleware, Middleware chaining, Advatantages of using Middleware, What is middleware chaining in Express, Express-session middleware, Difference between app-level and route-level middlewares

4. Express Request and Response Objects

Express Request object, Request object properties, Request object methods, Response object, Response object properties, Response object methods, Steps to use 'req' and 'res' objects in ExpressJS.

5. Express Templates

Express Template Engine, Template Engine example, Setting up npm packages, Installing dependencies, Adding EJD engine, Rendering EJS file

6. Express Functions

express.json() function, express.raw() function, express.Router() function, express.static() function, express.text() function, express.urlencoded() function

7. Express Application Functions

app.delete() function, app.disable() function, app.disabled() function, app.enable() function, app.enabled() function, app.mountpath property, Mount event, app.all() function

8. Express Cookies and Scaffolding

Cookie Management, File Upload, Express Scaffolding

9. Express Latest Updates

Latest trends in Express JS

10. Creating Project Level Usage codes Using Express

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.

React Course Syllabus

1. React Introduction

React Introduction, Scope of React course, React.js Installation, Create-react-app, React Architecture, Files and Folders in the root directory like node_modules, public, src, package-lock.json,App.js, index.js etc

2. Starting with React

React Features, React vs AngularJS, What is ES6, Class, Inheritance, Arrow functions, Data and Variable in React

3. React JSX

React JSX, JSX version of React Component, Without JSX of Component, Nested Elements in JSX, Expressions in JSX, React Components, Function Component, Class Component, Functional Vs Class Components

4. React Props Overview

React Props, Default Props, State, Defining state, Changing the state, State and Props, React Props Validation, React State vs Props

5. React Component API

Destructuring props, Destructuring props & state, state and setstate, React Component API-setState(), forceUpdate(), findDOMMode()

6. React Component Life-Cycle

React Component Life-Cycle-Initital Phase, Mounting Phase, Updateing Phase, Unmounting Phase, Error Handing, React Forms, UIncontrolled Component, Controlled Component

7. React Event Handling

React Events, Event handling, Binding Event handling, Methods as props, React Conditional Rendering-if, Logical && operator, Ternary operator, switch case operator, Conditional Rendering with enum, Preventing Component from Rendering

8. React Lists, Keys and Refs

React Lists, React Keys, React Refs, Add Ref to DOM elements, Add Ref to Class Components, Callback refs, Forwarding Ref from one component to another component.

9. React Fragments, Router and CSS

React Fragments, Why we use Fragments, React Router, Need of React Router, React CSS-inline styling, Using JavaScript Object, CSS Stylesheet, CSS Module, Styled Components, Bootstrap

10. How to create React Animations

React Animation, Transition, CSS TRansition, Trasition Group, HOC Components, Higher-Order Component Conventions, React Code Splitting, React Context, React Context API

11. React Hooks, Flux and Redux

React Hooks, Rules of Hooks, React Hooks Installation, Hook state, Hook Effect, Custom hooks, React Flux Concept, MVC vs Flux, React Redux.Redux Architecture.


How HTTP request send to server provide response with data, Axios handling requests, HttP GET-get function is used to rececive json formatted data, HTTP POST-post methods used to post response to json data.

13. React Latest updates

Node.js Course Syllabus

1. Node.js Introduction

Introduction and Advantages of Node.js, Why to learn Node, First Node.js Code example, How Node.js works,
Application of Node.js, Common Use Cases of Node.js, Key Features of Node.js, Core Modules, Data types in Node.js,
Objects and functions, String and String functions, Buffer in Node.js.

2. Console and REPL

Creating Console-based Node Application, Application Receiving the User Input, Creating Web-based Node Application,
Steps to Create Node Application (Web-Based), Node.js REPL (READ, EVAL, PRINT, LOOP), Getting Started with REPL, Using'loops'in REPL.

3. Node.js NPM and Global Objects

NPM (Node Package Manager), Installing npm, Creating Node projects, Installing packages,
Installing a Package Globally, Controlling where the package gets installed, Save Directory of Installed Modules,
Node.js Global Objects, Buffer class, process, console, global namespace, TextEncoder, URL, URLSearchParams, WebAssembly, __filename

4. Node.js Modules

Modules, Type of modules, Core Modules, Local Modules, Third-party Modules, some of the important core modules in Node.js,
Define local modules, Assert Module-assert() function, assert.deepStrictEqual() function, assert.doesNotThrow() function, assert.equal() function.

5. Assert Module in Node.js Function, assert.ifError(), Function, assert.match()Function, assert.notDeepEqual() Function,
assert.notDeepStrictEqual() Function, assert.notEqual() Function, assert.ok() Function, assert.rejects() Function, assert.strictEqual() Function

6. OS,Timer, DNS, Net Modules in Node.js

OS functions-os.arch(), os.cpus(), os.endianness(), os.freemem(), os.homedir(), os.hostname(), os.loadavg(), os.networkinterfaces(),
os.platform(), os.release(), os.tmpdir(), os.totalmem(), os.type(), os.uptime(), os.userinfo([options]), Timer, Set timer functions, Clear timer functions,
Errors-Standard JavaScript errors, System errors, User-specified errors, Assertion errors, DNS Module, Net Module.

7. Crypto Module and Process Module in Node.js

Crypto module, Hash, HMAC, Encryption using Hash and HMAC, Encryption using Cipher, Decryption using Decipher,
Process Module,Process functions,Child Process-child_process.exec(),child_process.spawn() ,child_process.fork() method

8. Buffers, Streams, and FS in Node.js

Buffers, Writing to buffers, Reading from buffers, Streams, Reading from stream, Writing to stream, Piping Streams ,Chaining Streams,
File System (FS) Module, File Information Method, fs.Stats class Methods, Path Module

9. Node String Decoder, Query String, Zlib and V8

StringDecoder Module, decoder.write(buffer), decoder.end(), QueryString, querystring.parse(), querystring.stringify(),
Zlib Module, Compressing and decompressing a file , Assertion testing, V8 module-v8.getHeapStatistics() , V8.getHeapSpaceStatistics(),
Memory limit of V8 in Node.js

10. Node Events, TTY and Web

Events, Difference between Events and Callbacks, TTY module, 'tty.ReadStream' and 'tty.WriteStream' classes,
Web module, Web Server, Web Application Architecture, Creating Web Server using Node.js


HTTP, Agent method, maxSockets(), maxFreeSockets(), ClientRequest.abort(), ClientRequest.connection,
ClientRequest.protocol, TLS/SSL module, tls.rootCertificates Property, tls.getCiphers() Method, tlsSocket.address() Method.

12. DB Connection with MongoDB

Node.js Create Connection with MongoDB, MongoDB Create Database, Insert a Document, Find All Documents, Find Documents with a Query Filter, Update a document, Remove a document

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