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PHP CodeIgniter

Master CodeIgniter the Advanced PHP MVC web framework.


Php CodeIgniter web development framework training Program

Course Duration:

Class room training: 50 hours
Online training:         30 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 25,000

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  Web Application Developer
  PHP MVC Programmer
  CodeIgniter Developer
  PHP Programmer
  Responsive Web Designer
  MYSQL Database Manager

PHP CodeIgniter Syllabus:

1. Introduction to CodeIgniter

What is CodeIgniter, Features, Model-view-Controller, Application Flow Chart, Directory Structure of CodeIgniter Controllers, Routing Requests, Views, Helpers, Libraries

2. CodeIgniter Sample program

Hello world (sample program)

3. CodeIgniter Basics

Variable, Supporting Data type, Operators, comment

4. CodeIgniter Controller & view

View, Controller, Sample program using controller and view

5. Begining with CodeIgniter basic programs

Sample programs, Number Product, Area of a rectangle, Area of a circle

6. Code igniter Control Constructs 1

Selection Control flow statements, If, if-else etc

7. CodeIgniter Control Constructs 2

Nested if,if…else if, Conditional Operators

8. CodeIgniter Control Constructs 3

Iteration statements, While, Do---while

9. CodeIgniter Control Constructs 4

Iteration: For, Nested loop

10. CodeIgniter Arrays

Introduction to arrays, Creating arrays, Retrieving values

11. CodeIgniter Arrays

Multidimensional arrays, Foreach

12. CodeIgniter Function

Functions, Types of functions, Defining & Calling functions, Function Category

13. Object oriented Programming using CodeIgniter

Class and Objects, Defining Classes, Accessing Member Variables, Creating Instance, Constructors and Destructors, Encapsulation public, private, protected Members, Inheritance


RDBMS Concepts, Choosing a database, GUI ( DB Creation, Table creation, Privilege,Import,Export ), Foreign key and Integrity constraints Query: Select, Insert, Update, Delete etc

15. CodeIgniter and MYSQL

Connecting MYSQL database with Php CodeIgniter

16. CodeIgniter and MYSQL

Making MySQL Queries, Fetching Data Set, Models, Login forms

17. CodeIgniter Database Handling 01

Models: Database Handling, Active Records –retrieve values from database

18. CodeIgniter Database Handling 02

Models: Insert records

19. CodeIgniter Database Handling 03

Models: Delete and update Records

20. CodeIgniter Database Handling 04

Models: File Uploading

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.