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Master VBA the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Programming.


Microsoft Visual Basic for Excel Applications

Course Duration:

Class room training: 20 hours
Online training:         15 hours

Fee Details:

Course Fee: ₹ 4,500

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  Microsoft Office Customisation
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Visual Basic for Applications Syllabus:

1.VBA introduction

What is program? Programming languages,low level, high level, Compiler and interpreter, Event Driven programming language. Variable and variable naming, Datatypes, integer, Single, Double, String, Variable declaration using dim keyword,Constants.

2. VBA variable

Variable scope, procedure level and module level, What is a procedure? Excel and sub procedure, Developer tab on excel,how to assign macro on form button control, Define macro in button, Click on this button display message using msgbox.

3. VBA operators

Operators are symbols used to represent various operations, Arithmetic operators, Relational operators, Logical operator, Assignment operator, Concatenation operator.

4. VBA control flow statements

Decision making using if statement, if…else statement, if…else if statement, Nested if, select case.

5. VBA Control flow statements

Iterative control flow statements. Control Repeated code in our program using while ..wend, Do…Loop while, For…Next. Example for loops

6. VBA Form controls 1

Command button, Label, Textbox etc

7. VBA Form controls 2

Checkbox, RadioButton.

8. VBA Form controls 3

Combo box and List box. Combo box, List box, methods, AddItem, RemoveItem.

9. VBA Form controls 4

Toggle Button, Spin Button.

10. VBA Excel basic operations

Copy selection and paste it to the active sheet, Copy selection from one sheet to another sheet, Choose item from list box then change the sheet content.

11. VBA Applications in Excel Sheets

Click on button then go to next sheet, Create new sheet, delete sheet, hide and show sheet, close workbook, open workbook, current location of workbook.

12. VBA function procedure

Function procedure,return keyword, Calling functions with arguments and return value.


Getting the data using ActiveX Data object library

* Each Session include:
Faculty training, Lab Practice, Lab Exercises and Portal based assignments.
* Sinet Education reserved the right to alter the course contents, offers, price, certificates etc.